Welcome to Phoenix Academy High School

Welcome to Phoenix Academy High School, member institution Chapel-Hill Carrboro City Schools. Phoenix Academy serves between 35-45 students between ninth and twelfth grades. The school is the designated alternative school for the district. Phoenix Academy's primary focus is to help students to learn, to succeed, and to lead.



Important Announcements

The First Annual Penny Drive

Just a reminder please don’t  forget to bring pennies for our 1st  annual penny drive. Our goal as a school is to collect 6 million pennies. The  pennies represents the 6 million Jews that were murdered during the Holocaust. Also, we will donate the money to the Holocaust Museum in Virginia. The deadline to bring all your pennies will be June 5, 2014.

Upcoming Events


Shout-Out to Darius Allen, who ran beautifully at the Orange County Invitational for Track & Field on April 12, 2014. He came in a blazing 3rd place in the 100 meter dash at 11.1 seconds! Rock ON!!!!!

What is change? In the dictionary it says to “make something or someone different”; but what does it mean? Check out this amazing article written by Makayla Baldwin. She continued to strive towards greatness even during difficult times in her life. What a great example of someone keeping their head towards the sky. Great Job!


Wow! Phoenix is rising and continuing to soar. According to Dr. Tom Forcella, the cat is out of the bag, Phoenix Academy is considered one of the best-kept secrets in the Chapel Hills-Carrboro City Schools. Check out this fantastic article about the transformation taking place here at our high school. http://www.chapelhillnews.com/2013/05/04/2868569/introducing-a-school-some-students.html


Phoenix News

Future Business Leaders of America

  The Triad Region Fall Leadership conference was a huge success. Ms. Fonge took our Phoenix students to UNCG in Greensboro, NC. The students were able to participate in different workshops, meet different business leaders in the community, and intermingle with other high school students across the Triad.


Upcoming Events: Board of Education Meeting, 9/4 First Day of School, Grades 1-12 on 8/25; PreK on 9/2 PowerSchool Access Currently Down for Parents and Students / PowerSchool no está disponible en este momento para padres de familia y estudiantes

Inspirational Word of the Week


 What is Tolerance?

The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others

The practice of tolerance is one amazing practice. Being tolerant becomes easier if you practice gratitude and positiveness as well. So, here is the practice:

-Pick a time frame to begin with, say forty days, or a shorter period if you wish. Write a reminder for yourself about practicing tolerance and read it at least twice a day.

-Vow that no matter what as soon as you realize a negative emotion emerging, you are going to make every attempt to drop that emotion. Remember, at their core, emotions, like desires, are simply abandoned thoughts.

-Promise yourself that you will not return abuse with abuse, violence with violence, hatred with hatred, or any other negative emotion with a negative one.

-As part of your emotional transformation, while practicing tolerance, you will not react and try your utmost to maintain your state of evenness.

You can repeat the practice till it becomes your habit.

 Remind yourself to be tolerant without expectations. It is hard but doable. If you expect a kinder, better treatment because of your tolerance, it will make the practice much harder. Primarily because the other person may not even notice. In fact, your tolerance may be mistaken for your incompetence, inability, cowardice or anything else. At that time, you must remember that their opinions are mere reflection of their very own selves.

Tolerance in School:

Is when individuals accept the ways, beliefs, religions and differences of others.

Is demonstrated through a mutual sharing of ideas and understanding differences.

Is recognized as one of the core foundations in which to grow and learn from others.

Is desired by all and when it is present others feel more secure.



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