Welcome to Phoenix Academy High School

Welcome to Phoenix Academy High School, member institution Chapel-Hill Carrboro City Schools. Phoenix Academy serves between 35-45 students between ninth and twelfth grades. The school is the designated alternative school for the district. Phoenix Academy's primary focus is to help students to learn, to succeed, and to lead.



Phoenix News

The North Carolina State Fair field trip will be on October 23rd 2014. Please don’t forget to bring your permission slip, 5 can goods, and some money. 

Just a reminder our first Open House and PTA meeting will be held at Phoenix Academy High School on September 18th at 6 pm. Also, there will be dinner provided immediately after the meeting. 

Wow! Phoenix is rising and continuing to soar. According to Dr. Tom Forcella, the cat is out of the bag, Phoenix Academy is considered one of the best-kept secrets in the Chapel Hills-Carrboro City Schools. Check out this fantastic article about the transformation taking place here at our high school



Upcoming Events: Board of Education Meeting, 12/4
Board of Education Holds Board Candidate Interviews, 11/24 Teacher Workday, Thanksgiving Holiday Nov. 26-28; Lincoln Center Offices Close Early Nov. 26 / Día de trabajo para maestros, Días festivos de Acción de Gracias del 26 al 28 de nov.; Oficinas en Lincoln Center cerrarán temprano el 26 nov.

Inspirational Word of the Week


What does it mean to be open-minded?

1.      It means to be able to examine things from all sides and not jump to conclusions.

Open-mindedness is very similar to being tolerant (which was one of our Inspirational Words of the Week before).

How to be Open-minded:

Eight step:

1.      Don't be too quick to judge people or information.

2.      Remember, your opinion IS NOT the only one. Be open to new ideas, new innovations, a new world of possibilities, etc. The world isn't always the way it's written in books.

3.      Be on the lookout for how new contacts, information, or tools can help to move you closer to your goals.

4.      Be creative about the applications and uses for new tools and information.

5.      Think about different ways that new contacts, information, and tools can be incorporated into what you are already doing.

6.      Think about how these same things may create completely new opportunities for you altogether.

7.      Talk with people about your experiences. When they put in their opinions on things, think to yourself "I never thought about it that way" or "I wonder if they are right, and I am wrong". Discussion is key. Arguments can weaken relationships and give you a bad reputation.

8.      Read a lot of contradictory books about a same subject. You'll see there's not only one way to understand things.

There are other things you can do to learn to be Open-minded.  Try these:

*Don't allow yourself any dead time, *Reflect on your own belief system, *Push the limits of your body, *Stimulate your eyes and ears, *Learn about different people and lifestyles, *Learn something new, *Improve your literacy and numeracy, *Explore other cultures and religions, *Face your fears, *Open your mind to other political or religious points of view, *Play strategy games, *Travel, *Give some thought to the mysteries of the world, *Learn to play a musical instrument, *Talk to someone you wouldn't normally talk to, *Learn to draw or paint from life, *Browse something that you are not familiar with on the internet.



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