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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Intervention & Support is a broad range of strategies for achieving important leaning outcomes while also preventing problem behavior. PBIS has three main components:
        1. Positive Student and Teacher Relationships
        2. Classroom and Environment that promotes Pro-Social Behavior
        3. High Expectations for all students

The faculty has developed a matrix to help our school community understand  what we expect from the students at Phoenix Academy. The matrix focuses on SOAR.

  Success through change Be punctual; put forth your best effort.Use inside voices Follow directionsPractice Patients
 Open to Diversity Be a peacemaker  Pick up trash and throw it away, even if it's not yours Exhibit good sportsmanship  Be polite
 Aspire towards greatness Lead by example Use time wisely Return all equipment Report issues to maintenance
 Respect myself and others Help others & have a great day Push in your chairs, recycle, walk to class Avoid 'horse play' Remember to flush, wash hands, turn off water.