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School Garden

posted Jan 6, 2016, 7:05 AM by sfriedman@chccs.k12.nc.us   [ updated Jan 6, 2016, 7:12 AM ]

Phoenix Academy High School is proud to host a garden club for students to grow vegetables and make salsa to sell at the local market. In the fall, students learned to make salsa by trying several recipes and creating one of their own. Students also planted garlic, weeded and mulched the garden to get it ready for the spring. In the Spring, students will plant their own vegetables to create the salsa themselves. The salsa will later be sold in a local market to help teach the students business skills.  

Educational Benefit: Students will learn the entire process of gardening, the patience required to nurture the food until it is ready for harvest, as well how to package and market a food product.  In addition, the funds generated from the program will be used to continue the program as well as provide assistance to some of our struggling families.

This is a very exciting time at Phoenix Academy High School.  Please stop by for a visit.