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Phoenix Academy High School Students and Parents:

Can you believe it?  This past school year we graduated a total of 18 students.  Without a doubt, that is the best we have ever done.  The hard work of our students and their families, the investment of community support resources and the total commitment of our dedicated staff resulted in unprecedented successes for our school’s family.  We graduated 18 seniors and set the foundation for them to take complete control of their lives.  Once again, we were able to receive over $10,000 in scholarships for our graduates and are sending them out into the world to make a difference in college, the military, general employment and entrepreneurship.  We continue to create partnerships with community agencies that are equally vested in making a significant contribution to the lives of the students we serve.  The list of these agencies and individuals are too numerous for me to include in this letter, however we are striving to do the same again this year.  

Even though we had a very successful 2014-2015 school year, our goal is to have a better 2015-2016 school year.  We learned from many of the lessons and experiences we had this past year and are making the necessary adjustments to ensure the success we all desire for the students we serve.  We are focused on providing a more comprehensive mental/emotional support program, making other changes in the operational structure of the school and enhancing the academic support provided for each of our students.  It is this reason I am reaching out to the parents and support systems currently in place to help our students.  Without these supports it is inevitable that some of our incoming students may take the path of least resistance and not be successful.  This can be avoided entirely if we work together; students, parents and school staff to make sure each child receives the support he or she needs in order to guarantee his or her success.  

Parents, there are more than enough opportunities for you to get involved in at Phoenix Academy High School experience.  You are always invited to come visit the school and spend time exploring what we are doing at the school and how we approach the education process for our students.  I would like to encourage you to consider joining our Parent Teacher Student Association or maybe become a part of our School Improvement Team.  In addition, please support your child when he or she needs to remain after school to complete make-up work or to get ahead if necessary on assignments.  All of these are ways you may be directly involved in the success of your child.  Our doors are always open to you.


Finally, as I say each year, we would like for each of our students to know we care deeply about each of them.  Every decision and action we take will be done with your welfare at the foremost thought in our minds.  We look forward to serving you and being your support as you strive toward your dreams.  Welcome to Phoenix Academy High School and have a great 2015—2016 school year.


John Williams, Principal 

Phoenix Academy High School