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Apex Learning Program

For more than a decade, Apex Learning has been the leading provider and publisher of web based digital curriculum. Its suite of courses serves all students, from those not prepared for grade level academic challenges to those capable of Advanced Placement coursework. Apex Learning courses are created by a team of educational experts and aligned to state and national standards. Technology is used in purposeful ways to enhance the learning process. Multimedia instruction motivates and engages students. Individualized learning lets students move at their own pace to master the material. Multiple course pathways allow educators to differentiate instruction and spend more time working with students one-on-one to address critical challenges.
Assessment opportunities are integrated throughout each course.
All students completing APEX classes will be required to attend school on a regular basis.

Students have proven to be more successful when completing the APEX classes while at the school, also students are more able to receive tutoring and teacher support when needed.